icon  ATC Wizard for IvAc
   add-on bundle for IVAO™ Virtual Controllers

  • ATC Wizard is a bundle of 4 modules for IVAO™: a SID Generator, an Holding List manager, a STAR generator and descent profile path monitor and an Handoff monitor  Rel.     Screenshots
    Download Installer  installer.gif 1.630Kb.  Rel. Beta   requires VB5 Runtime
    Download updated executable  zip.gif 598Kb.  Rel.   requires Installer and VB5 Runtime
    (to avoid corrupted ZIP problem right click the link and save - then install it)

  • The Holding Wizard is designed to help virtual controllers in handling of large amounts of inbound traffic; it allows you to define multiple holding stacks, assign traffic to the holding stacks, move traffic between stacks (drag&drop).
    SID Wizard is a replacement for World Clearance Generator software (by Jasper Bussemaker) and generates clearances for outbound aircrafts flying on IVAO network.
    STAR Wizard monitors inbound traffic, advise virtual controller regarding TOD point (top of descent) and generate STAR clearance for aircraft on the IVAO network. To select appropriate STAR, AccAssistant configuration files are used.
    Handoff Wizard monitors inbound traffic, advise virtual controller regarding Handoff and LOAs with adiacent controllers

    All modules relay on whazzup data feed containing IVAO planes traffic data provided IVAO Server
    You can download locally using ServInfo or SeqDownloader or provided by OmniCommIvAc

  • Limitations
    Tested on Windows XP - SP2 / Seven / Eight / Ten  Note: Win 7 and upper requires Administrative rights
    requires VB5 Runtime

  • Change Log— 19-Feb-2016 —Last Beta - Rwy Change on SID

  • Screenshots
    AtcWizard - Screenshots - Start Up Panel

    AtcWizard - Screenshots - Holding Wizard

    AtcWizard - Screenshots - STAR Wizard

    AtcWizard - Screenshots - SID Wizard

    AtcWizard - Screenshots - Configuraton