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  • FlightStripManager   an Electronic Flight Strip Handling System   Rel.    Screenshots
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  • Flight Strip Manager is basic electronic flight strip handling system.
    It provides a console layout generator with multiple boards and bays;
    supports for IVAO and VATSIM data feeds to generate strips informations, integration with IvAc and Euroscope applications.

    - unlimited strips set (UK format, USA format ecc. ecc.)
    - each instance of the program manage a Console
    - each (customizable) Console may have up to 9 Boards (columns)
    - each Board can have up to 5 Bays (rows)
    - in each Bay you can hold unlimited strips
    - draggable strips inside bay and between bays
    - strip data source can be IVAO or VATSIM Whazzup file - Autoremove strip feature when user disconnect (after a custom timeout)
    - integration with IvAc (auto select strip / auto-show traffic (on IvAc), manual (or auto) adding Strips from In/Out window, get data from In/Out window) and EuroScope
    - skinnable application (Window and bays background)
    - transparency feature
    - print strips (fit to margins or exact size)

    On each strip you can add Text or Symbols (is it possible to add own symbols)
    Text elements have the standard attributes (Font/Color/Underlined/Bold/Italic/Strikethrough) or extra attributes (Circled, Crossed, Diagonal Strikethrough, CheckMark)
    Symbols (images) can have the have extra attributes (Circled, Crossed, Strikethrough , Diagonal Strikethrough, CheckMark)
    Text and Symbols can be resize using mouse wheel and moved within the strip
  • Limitations
    Tested on Windows XP - SP3, Windows Seven
    under Windows 8 some IvAc related function (Add In/Out, Add IvAc Fix/FL strip editing menù options) don't work
    requires .NET 3.5 Framework

  • Change Log— 12/Sep/13 —Support for IVAO plain text data feed— 20/Maj/13 —Win 7 64bit bug on Get I/O items, Added current IvAc FL and Fix as Strips elements— 13/Apr/13 —Print Strips, MacroIvAc support, one strip can be positioned halfway— 28/Mar/13 —Customize Strips, Customize Symbols, Bugfixes— 14/Mar/13 —Form Controls bug fixed; Arial Narrow bug fixed— 13/Mar/13 —1st Beta release

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