icon  MacroIvAc
  an IvAc add-on for IVAO™ Virtual Controllers

  • MacroIvAc adds macro functionalities to IvAc (IVAO™ virtual ATC client)   Rel.     Screenshots
    Download Installer  installer.gif 1.874Kb.  Rel.  requires VB5 Runtime
    Download executable and manual only (without installer)  zip.gif 708Kb.  Rel.   requires Installer and VB5 Runtime
    (to avoid corrupted ZIP problem right click the link and save - then install it)

  • Description (more | less)
            MacroIvAc is an application that adds macro functionalities to IvAc (IVAO virtual ATC client)
            It allows you to create button panels; you can assign a "macro" at each button;
            each macro can be a single or a list of "command";
            each "command" let you interact with IvAc interface (buttons, CommBox window, Selection dialog boxes etc. etc.)

  • Limitations
    Tested on Windows XP - SP2 / Microsoft Seven
    requires VB5 Runtime

  • Change Log— 02Mar14 —SELECT command on standalone clien not working.— 25Mar13 —SELECT command for FlightStripManager support.— 25Mar12 —LINK command; Expanded Buttons; Move to Tray option— 25Feb12 —SHOW_FPL and REQ_FPL commands; Copy&Paste button Definition— 03Feb12 —two-state buttons; Hide button Macro; AutoHide ControlBox; add/remove full rows/columns— 07Feb11 —Error on startup if environ APPDATA not set (W7 64bit)— 24Jan11 —Added CLOSE command— 13Dec10 —First Public release

  • Screenshots
    MacroIvAc - Main Panel

    MacroIvAc - Define Panel

    MacroIvAc - MacroHelper

    MacroIvAc - Configuration Setup

    MacroIvAc - Running