icon  OmniComm for IvAc
   Communication add-on for IVAO™ Virtual Controllers

  • OmniComm simulates a Radio Scanner for IvAc (IVAO™ virtual ATC client)   Rel.     Screenshots
    Download Installer  installer.gif 1.219Kb.  Rel.   requires VB5 Runtime
    Download updated executable ad manual  zip.gif 436Kb.  Rel.   requires Installer and VB5 Runtime
    (to avoid corrupted ZIP problem right click the link and save - then install it)

  • OmniComm shows in a timed window all text messages exchanged between IvAc (ATC client) and the IVAO IVAN network;
    All messages are displayed in different selectable colours;
    Messages include the standard IvAc channeles (ATC,GUARD,BROADCAST), the private chats, the Req Comm and ATIS requests,
    selectable frequencies, IvAc ATC Window frequencies, IvAc COMMBox frequencies (using IvAc Profile files)
    You can also select the number of displayed lines and the amount of time before the window disappear (TS-Info)
    If requested it can generate a whazzup-like file with callsigns showed in IvAc radar screeen;
    the whazzup-like files doesn't contains VID and Names for privacy reasons.
    Optionally can send a keystroke to IvAc to select (or to chat with) the users who sent the last text message

  • Limitations
    Tested on Windows XP - SP2 / Seven / Eight
    requires VB5 Runtime

  • Change Log— 16-Jul-2013 —Export METAR data— 10-Apr-2013 —Disappear timeout can be "never" (window always visible)— 2-Apr-2013 —First Public release

  • Screenshots
    OmniComm - Screenshots - Options Panel

    OmniComm - Screenshots - Colours Panel

    OmniComm - Screenshots - Other Functions

    OmniComm - Screenshots - Running 1/2

    OmniComm - Screenshots - Menus
    OM004.gif OM004b.gif