wd-icon.gif  WhazzupDownloader For IVAO™
 Download and convert IVAO™ Json whazzup data

  • WhazzupDownloader - An utility to download and convert Json IVAO™ whazzup data into previous plain text format     Screenshots
    Download Installer  installer.gif 1224Kb.  Rel.   requires .NET 4.6 Framework
    Download updated executable  zip.gif 250Kb.  Rel.   requires Installer and .NET 4.6 Framework

  • Description

    WhazzupDownloader download Json IVAO™ whazzup data and convert in previous plain text format.
    It is possible to customize timespan for download and destination path of the text file.

  • Limitations
    Tested on Windows Seven, Windows 10
    requires .NET 4.6 Framework

  • Change Log— 30-Jun-2022 —Bug on missing ATIS— 13-Apr-2022 —UTC time in UPDATE field— 12-Apr-2022 —Connection time bug— 09-Apr-2022 —other bug on IVAO json empty fiels— 04-Apr-2022 —bug on IVAO json empty fiels— 15-Sep-2021 —Defaults not saved— 13-Sep-2021 —Missing ATIS on station— 12-Sep-2021 —TLS 1.2 download

  • Screenshots
    WhazzupDownloader - Screenshots - Panel