icon  ACCAssistant
  an IvAc add-on for IVAO™ & VATSIM™ Virtual Controllers

  • AccAssistant - Virtual ACC Controller Assistant   Rel.     Screenshots
    zip.gif 1771Kb.   Installer Download
    zip.gif 1237Kb.   ZIP Download   only updated EXE for previous installed version.  requires VB5 Runtime
    zip.gif 43Kb.   updated Italy Airport Definition  - Updated AIRAC 11/2007 - 12Dec07  only for Italian Airspace Controllers
    (to avoid corrupted ZIP problem right click the link and save - then install it)

  • Description
    AccAssistant is an utility for Virtual ACC Controllers with the following features:
     Define Airport infos :
       - Airport Code and Name
       - 4 squawk code generators with labels
       - fixed Transition Altitude/Level (if needed)
       - RWYs available for Landing and/or Departure
       - Preferential RWYs available for Landing and/or Departure (when wind calm or less then ...)
       - Preferential RWYs available for Landing and/or Departure (limited cross/tail wind)
       - Preferential RWYs available for Landing and/or Departure (other wind condition)
       - define SID/STAR/Approaches/Holdings Patterns (for each RWY too)
       - import RWYs data from AIRAC files (only PDMG at the moment, others format to be added)
       - import SID/STAR data from SID/STAR files (only PDMG at the moment, others format to be added)
       - fast airport definition by XLS sheet (provided)

     Define Assistant :
       - Select Airports from list
       - Define path/URL for METARs download (IVAO/VATSIM/NOAA)
       - Define TA/TL calcuation (according local rules in France,Netherlands,Italy,Hungary,UK)
       - Define Global TA/TL (if whole country fixed values)
       - Define time interval for Auto-download METARs

     Activate Assistant :
       - Timed METAR auto-download and auto-update
       - IVAO/VATSIM/NOAA auto-download supported and approved
       - RWYs Landing/Departure auto-calculation (with manual override)
       - TA/TL auto-calculation for each airport
       - local QNH hPA/InHg converter for each airport
       - 4 squawk generators for each airport (1-day life)
       - SID/STAR/Approaches/Holdings ("RWY in use" or "All RWYs")
       - S-VFR, NO-VFR, ILS Cat. alerter for each airport (based on RVR/Visibility in METARs meters/SM/feet)

  • Usage:
    Launch AccAssistant
    Config some Airports providing some easy rules to be used for runways, local Sqk Codes and local Transition Altitude.
    If available, provide short SID, STAR, APP infos for each airport.
    Define and ACC Assistant providing airports to be included in the list
    Define a metar location (local file path or website URL) and a timer counter for autoupdate function
    Enable it and ... use it

  • Limitations
    Tested only on Windows XP - SP2
    requires VB5 Runtime
    FIREWALL warnings
    AccAssistant need to access the INTERNET to download metars via HTTP Protocol; no information are sent to anywhere
    If Firewall warns you, allow AccAssistant connection

  • Change Log— 8Jan16 —PMDG AIRAC import bug corrected— 16Aug15 —small bug corrections— 25Feb15 —Fontsize in .INI definition— 11Dec14 —LEVELD import— 12May14 —SID/Transition support in SID— 16Jul13 —Send Clear To Land, Clear For Takeoff ecc. ecc. to IvAc— 17Apr13 —WCG runways support— 21Dec07 —Added Austrian TA/TL calculation— 05Jun07 —Fixed TA/TL calculation with QNH=1013— 30May07 —Release

  • Screenshots
    AccAssistant - Airport Config

    AccAssistant - Create Assistant

    AccAssistant - List View

    AccAssistant - List View with SID

    AccAssistant - Buttons View  note hPa/inHg conversion

    AccAssistant - Buttons View - with STAR
    AccAssistant - Importing Airports/SID/STAR from PMDG AIRACs