AWOS  Virtual AWOS
 an add-on for Virtual Controllers

  • Virtual AWOS - A AWOS simulator for Virtual Controllers (IVAO & VATSIM)    Screenshots
    Download Installer  installer.gif 1745Kb.  Rel.
    VATSIM and IVAO approved    

  • Description

    Virtual AWOS simulates Automated airport weather station using METAR data from several sources (Ex. VATSIM, IVAO, NOAA);
    It decodes the following information:

    • Sky condition:cloud height and amount (clear, scattered, broken, overcast)
    • Visibility
    • Basic present weather information: type and intensity for rain, snow, and freezing rain
    • Obstructions to vision: fog, haze
    • Pressure: sea-level pressure, altimeter setting (hPa mm/hg InHg) for each Rwy threshold
    • Transition Altitude/Height, Transition Level, Density Altitude
    • Ambient temperature, dew point temperature (Cº/Fº)
    • Wind: direction, speed and character (gusts) and calculate Crosswind, TailWind, Headwind for RWYs (max 2)
    • Sunrise, Sunset
    You may choose different layouts (1, 2 or 3 columns) and 4 different themes plus a custom colors theme
    You may run it as standalone airport, multiple client airports and a Master airport (METAR data downloader)
    Accept command line parameters
    Ex. VirtualAWOS EGLL 3 27L 27R    opens Virtual AWOS for Heathrow, 3 column layout and rwy 27L & 27R

  • Limitations
    Tested on Windows XP - SP2 / Microsoft Seven
    requires .NET 3.5 Framework

  • Change Log— 30 Jan14 —IVAO Approved, RVR Visibility Bug corrected— 15Aug13 —Added Venezuela airports into Installer
    Corrected NOAA download link— 14Aug13 —New TA/TL rules not saved
    Colombia TA/TL calc corrected
    Added Venezuela TA/TL calc
    improved METAR decoding— 13Aug13 —1 column small size AWOS don't dispaly gauge— 13Aug13 —1st beta

  • Screenshots
    Virtual AWOS - Screenshots - Blue Theme
    Virtual AWOS - Screenshots - Lime Theme
    Virtual AWOS - Screenshots - Ambra Theme
    Virtual AWOS - Screenshots - White Theme

    Virtual AWOS - Screenshots - Start Screen

    Virtual AWOS - Screenshots - Select Airport and Layout

    Virtual AWOS - Screenshots - Single Column Layout

    Virtual AWOS - Screenshots - TA/TL setup

    Virtual AWOS - Screenshots - two columns layout

    Virtual AWOS - Screenshots - Settings