AWOS  Virtual AWOS
 an add-on for Virtual Controllers

  • Virtual AWOS - A AWOS simulator for Virtual Controllers (IVAO & VATSIM)    Screenshots
    Download Installer  installer.gif 1750Kb.  Rel.
    Download updated executable  zip.gif 142Kb.  Rel.   requires Installer and .NET 4.6 Framework
    VATSIM and IVAO approved    
    NOAA METAR updated link is      (to be changed in Settings)

  • Description

    Virtual AWOS simulates Automated airport weather station using METAR data from several sources (Ex. VATSIM, IVAO, NOAA);
    It decodes the following information:

    • Sky condition:cloud height and amount (clear, scattered, broken, overcast)
    • Visibility
    • Basic present weather information: type and intensity for rain, snow, and freezing rain
    • Obstructions to vision: fog, haze
    • Pressure: sea-level pressure, altimeter setting (hPa mm/hg InHg) for each Rwy threshold
    • Transition Altitude/Height, Transition Level, Density Altitude
    • Ambient temperature, dew point temperature (Cº/Fº)
    • Wind: direction, speed and character (gusts) and calculate Crosswind, TailWind, Headwind for RWYs (max 2)
    • Sunrise, Sunset
    You may choose different layouts (1, 2 or 3 columns) and 4 different themes plus a custom colors theme
    You may run it as standalone airport, multiple client airports and a Master airport (METAR data downloader)
    Accept command line parameters
    Ex. VirtualAWOS EGLL 3 27L 27R    opens Virtual AWOS for Heathrow, 3 column layout and rwy 27L & 27R

  • Limitations
    requires .NET 4.6.2 Framework

  • Change Log— 09 Dec22 —Switch .NET 4.6.2 due to NOAA Https upgrade— 30 Jan14 —IVAO Approved, RVR Visibility Bug corrected— 15Aug13 —Added Venezuela airports into Installer
    Corrected NOAA download link— 14Aug13 —New TA/TL rules not saved
    Colombia TA/TL calc corrected
    Added Venezuela TA/TL calc
    improved METAR decoding— 13Aug13 —1 column small size AWOS don't dispaly gauge— 13Aug13 —1st beta

  • Screenshots
    Virtual AWOS - Screenshots - Blue Theme
    Virtual AWOS - Screenshots - Lime Theme
    Virtual AWOS - Screenshots - Ambra Theme
    Virtual AWOS - Screenshots - White Theme

    Virtual AWOS - Screenshots - Start Screen

    Virtual AWOS - Screenshots - Select Airport and Layout

    Virtual AWOS - Screenshots - Single Column Layout

    Virtual AWOS - Screenshots - TA/TL setup

    Virtual AWOS - Screenshots - two columns layout

    Virtual AWOS - Screenshots - Settings