Gonio  Gonio For IVAO™
 an IvAc add-on for IVAO™ Virtual Controllers

  • GonioForIVAO - A Gonio/Homer simulator for IVAT™ Virtual Controllers     Screenshots
    Download Installer  installer.gif 1426Kb.  Rel.   requires VB5 Runtime

  • Description

    GonioForIVAO simulates a VDF VHF Direction Finder (or Gonio) on the IVAO network combining TeamSpeak and IvAi/IvAc;
    First of all you have to define the equipment position (using Lat/Long coordinates); it will used to get the bearing of the remote station using TS;
    Of course, you can define several equipment positions, selecting the one you need before starting the VDF;
    once activated, the application will wait for a signal on TeamSpeak (speaker);
    if the speaker is in the range of the VDF, the application shows the relative bearing to the station (QTE)
    it also shows the reverse bearing (QUJ) from the remote station (speaker) to the equipment position.
    the range follows the rules used on UNICOM (10 + 1.414 * sqrt(altitude))
    if the station is outside the range, an "out_of_range" message will appear.

  • Limitations
    Tested on Windows XP - SP2 / Microsoft Seven
    requires VB5 Runtime

  • Screenshots
    GonioForIVAO - Screenshots - Start Panel

    GonioForIVAO - Screenshots - VDF Active Panel